Тема: Pandora is about to accelerate the pace with global expansion

In 1982, the cobbler Every Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie founded a jeweler purchase in Copenhagen, Denmark, and named Pandora while in the mythology of a attractive woman. Ancient Greek, Pan means all, Dora's meaning is really a gift, Pandora means to get all the talented female. On the Pandora's mythology has a long history, the version is additionally different. Among them, the most widely circulated Zeus to be able to punish Prometheus stolen shoot, and ordered the fireplace and forging the god made from clay made of humans, named Pandora. The gods offered Pandora many gifts, and a beautiful box, but Zeus would not allow her to pandora disney uk open the box.

Pandora is known for a strong curiosity, and ultimately failed to hold back the common box opened, the box popped, the pain of our disease, demons and consequently fled out. Fortunately, Athena in order to pandora rings sale pandora necklaces save the human secretly while in the box inside a hope as well as opportunity of the sorcerer. This is the supply of inspiration for the company, Pandora jewelry also connotes the luck and expect.

The current jewelry industry may be plunged into a drained consumer market environment, setting up a public jewelry brand fell into your performance of the whirlpool. In many jewelry brands, Pandora jewelry has been a good market operation. Even though US market sales pulled down Pandora's overall sector expectations, but the second quarter sales in contrast to the first quarter or maybe improved. And Pandora is about to accelerate the pace with global expansion, is expected 2010 will increase 300 retailers, 100 in the U . s .. This may be to reorganize the usa market. Pandora has these days become the world's third-largest jewelry brand, since 2010, the stock has exploded three times as much as pandora spacers sale the jewelry industry, a new dark horse.

Although the whole jewelry brand is in a consumer crisis, but Pandora in the Chinese market before decade to achieve double-digit development, the average profit to take care of double-digit high growth. Specially, China's sales have pretty much doubled, from 19. 4 million DKK to be able to S $ 462 million in the same period last calendar year. It can be found, Pandora jewelry is certainly not completely outside the environment interference, like the US market there was a continuous decline while in the situation, but the overall continues to be in the rising step, including Italy, Australia and China, sales rose a lot more obvious. However, with the arrival of the new retail era, Pandora can pursue to wind and pandora birthstone rings remains to be observed.