Тема: nike ran a marathon to get a new show on nat geo's schedule

nike air max paint drip, the marketer behind the landmark sales pitch “Just Do It, ” will on September 20 debut “Breaking 2, ” one-hour special chronicling three runners who use Nike products in their quest to shatter expectations of what the human body can achieve. One of the trio, 32-year-old Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, comes within just 25 seconds of the elusive goal. And the company has made some of the footwear advances it allowed the athletes to use available to the wider public, says Nikki Neuburger, vice president of brand marketing, global running, at Nike. The documentary “has directly informed” some of the product innovations released to consumers in recent months, she said. In March, for example, Nike touted its ”Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite with Nike ZoomX midsole, ” which the runners wore during their efforts.

A project of this nike air max 90 candy drip scope has been relatively rare in the past, but more advertisers are embracing the idea of making their own pieces of entertainment. The hope is they can then distribute them in ways that don’t require consumers to sit through 30-second TV spots designed to interrupt the content to which they were originally attracted. “We feel like this may be the first of many projects where brands can tell stories that don’t feel like ‘brand pieces, ’” says Chris Uettwiller, CEO of Dirty Robber, the production studio that helped Nike on the project. “The information itself is not from a Nike ad. It’s not there to sell. It shows the story of these three incredible athletes trying to do something that seems almost not human. It just happens to be part of a Nike project. ”

The movement has grown steadily over the years. air max 90 halloween for sale sparked the notion in 2001 and 2002 with “BMW Films, ” a series of digital shorts featuring actor Clive Owen showing off various BMW vehicles. Red Bull in 2012 drew notice for a project in which skydiver Felix Baumgartner free-fell from the stratosphere above New Mexico back down to Earth, breaking the sound barrier in the process. Arby’s in 2014 released a commercial about how it prepared meat that was 13 hours in length – and showed it online and on a small TV station in Duluth, Minnesota. In recent months, bigger advertisers have tested the concept. Apple in July released a three-minute-and-45 second short film on YouTube featuring actor Dwayne Johnson, while AT&T this month posted a 1 minute and 45-second ad touting its Taylor Swift video channel that featuring the pop musician.

Back in 2016, Stash posted a photo of a new collaboration with Nike on the Air Zoom Spiridon. When the image began to make its rounds, the famed graffiti artist decided to delete the picture, but now, clearer shots of the Stash x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon have surfaced. For now, the collab has yet to be confirmed by Stash or Nike, but the product photos suggest a release will be happening sooner rather than later. The kicks boast Stash’s signature colorway, found on previous Nike collaborations, further noting embroidered detailing on the toe, as well as Stash branding on the heel and a spray paint can cap patter on the insoles. You’ll want to check back with us for more surrounding the Stash x air max 90 halloween Zoom Spiridon.