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Today’s post brings my first cheap pandora rings uk  review of 2017, with a closer look at the stunning Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 charm – the red enamel Lion Dance bead! I did promise catch-up reviews of older charms, and I’m aware that those haven’t materialised  yet – I’ve actually  done the work for most of them, it’s just that with the blog’s tech issues I didn’t want to post anything unnecessary and put increased strain on it. As I’m only purchasing two Valentine’s 2017 items, we’ll have plenty of time to go through those catch-up reviews before  the launch of the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on the 16th March!:)I’m also aware that there’s a huge backlog of messages & emails for me to go through – it’s been really busy and I am sorry that I’ve not been able to reply to so many! I will try and get through some  this weekend. In the meantime – read on for close-up shots and styling inspiration! For me, the stand-out detail for this bead is the enamelwork, however. There are paisley-like swirls beneath the enamel – I have no idea how they manage to achieve this sort of effect, but it is gorgeous! The enamelwork is complemented by the CZ fringing, which for me doesn’t seem superfluous or like overkill in the context of the overall design. The Christmas Kitten instantly gets huge brownie points for me for being a full-bodied design, with fully  defined whiskers, nose and sweet eyes/eyelashes! It clutches an adorable red present bead, which is a miniature version of the 2012 Black Friday A Precious Gift charm.:D (Which makes me quite jealous of this little kitten, as I have yet to find one! They could hardly  make a festive charm for dog lovers and leave the cat lovers out! I have both a Cocker Spaniel and a little black and white cat, so both these charms were must-haves for me. The Christmas Kitten perhaps slightly one-ups the Puppy charm pandora rings sale uk  in that it holds a cute red  enamel present as well as its Christmas hat.

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! Today brings my last pandora gold rings uk  Christmas review of the year, with a review of my favourite bead from the Pandora Winter 2016 collection: the Santa’s Home charm! Also known as Santa’s Grotto in some countries, this little bead has  been a firm fan favourite, meshing Pandora’s classic attention to detail with some beautiful enamelwork. The detailing on every aspect of this charm is carefully considered, and just lovely – the ribbon on the door, the oxidised door panels, the pretty windowpanes and the  little star in each of the windows. The gutter is picked out in little silver balls, and the snow on the roof is picked out in translucent white enamel. I featured my Chamilia Gingerbread House last year in a review, which attracted a fair amount of notice at the time for its  fun candy design and sweet little details, with many collectors wishing Pandora did something similar! Happily enough, this year this new Santa’s Home charm makes a lovely alternative to the Chamilia bead for those who are Pandora purists, and would rather stick to  just one brand. It may not have the cute candy aspect to it that the Chamilia one has (it would also work kind of nicely in fairytale-themed bracelets – it would be perfect for Hansel & Gretel! ), but it does have the same level of detail and sweetness. Clutching a  gingerbread man, Mrs Claus has a kindly little face and very cute glasses perched on the end of her nose – I love the little oxidised dots for her eyes, which work very well. Miniature faces can be hit or miss, I find, whether in dolls, charms or anything else, with the  potential for small features to be blurred or distorted into something that looks quite creepy. Happily, this one, for me, avoids that trap and manages at the same to give her face a delightful depth of character, kindly and bird-like. The detailing is there all the way round  this charm, down to the hairs in the back of her bun, and the little red enamel bow adorning her back. Which is amazing, considering just how small this bead is cheap pandora rings online