Тема: UHB-ZK Anti-Wear Acid Alkali Resistance Slury Pump from China

UHB-ZK Series Slurry Pump is single stage single-suction centrifugal industrial vacuum pumps , this pump is designed to transmit the corrisive medium which contain particle or crystallization. This industrial vacuum pump use steel-lining Ultra-high Molecular Polyethylene molding process to manufacture the vacuum pump for sale .so it has superior performance in corrosion prevention and wear resistance .  Cantilever structure is designed to open in front semi-open impeller (without front and back panels ) .This design increases the trafficability ot the line . and it can make the medium particles and impurities quickly through the industrial vacuum pump for sale without block .The seal is K-tppe fluorine rubber seal ring outer zone cooling water device . and it meets the requirements  of corrosion prevention and wear resistance .

Feature and Applicable Medium:
1、Feature : The Overflow  components adopt the steel liner ultra-high molecular polyethylene manufacturing ,This industrial vacuum pumps for sale wear resistance is  4 times of PTFE and 6-7 times of Carbon steel, Stainless steel . Corrosion resistant, acid or alkali liquor slurry are applicable. No adhesion, anti adhesion ability and samilar with  PTFE material.Low friction coefficient, having self lubricity.Safe and reliable, toxin free, suitable for use in the food industry.
2、Applicable medium :Concentration of Sulfuric  acid and nitric acid are  below 80% and below 50%  respectively .hydrochloric acid , th concentriation of each liquid alkali, and mine with corrosive slurries and pulp , namely applicable clear liquid also applicable slurry .