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Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for a bride and groom. Imagine having to organize everything from the church and reception http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … er-Jersey/ , the photographers and videographers, the clothes and the caterers in fact, you can probably imagine this all too well!

Aside from everything mentioned, the wedding cake is one of the most important items in the event. That s because the cutting and feeding of the cake by the bride and groom signifies their first meal together as a married couple. As it becomes the focus of attention at some point during the wedding affair, many couples want their cake to be just perfect.

To help couples choose what style of cake is stylish and suits them best http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … ll-Jersey/ , here are five fabulous new trends in wedding cakes to choose from.

Black and White

This style of cake has become popular in 2009 and is set to continue that way for the year ahead. This style is inspired by the fashion runways, with their current fondness for monochromatics and black Spanish lace. You can have your wedding cake designed in this classic color scheme, using white fondant icing and black or dark brown accents. This design works wonderfully if the design coordinates with the wedding dress or the bridesmaids gowns.

Hexagonal or square shapes

The typical heart or circular shaped wedding cakes have now become too conventional for many couples. So, cube layered or hexagonal layered cakes have recently become an emerging trend. These angular cakes can also double as lovely centerpieces during the reception, especially if they sport geometric accents in their designs.

Blue is the hue

The color blue in wedding cakes has also become popular of late with soon to be married couples. Shades of blue http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … ee-Jersey/ , sometimes meshed with green like aquamarine or turquoise, have made an appearance with couples who prefer a colorful cake. Incorporating this cake trend with a tropical wedding theme will work fabulously, especially if you use sky blue, aquamarine and turquoise as the base colors of your cake icing. Decorating the cake with white, silver http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … er-Jersey/ , lilac or light grey accents will liven up your overall cake design.

Think pink

The color pink is projected to be used even more in 2010 as a wedding motif. So it s only natural to draw on pink for the wedding cake, coordinating with your bridesmaids dresses and bridal gown accents. Try using pink as the base color of your cake icing and decorating it with white, silver or pink embellishments and flowers. But if that s too much pink for your liking, try white as the cake base icing, and pink for the accents http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … tt-Jersey/ , like fresh roses.

Square cupcakes

Using a tower of cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake was also a huge trend in 2009. It s become fashionable to use cupcakes, which conveniently eliminates the need for a skilled and designated cake cutter. In this way, the guests each enjoy an individual treat of their own, with ease. Because it s practical, cute and inexpensive http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … on-Jersey/ , it s expected that this trend will continue throughout the year, but with a twist: 2010 s cupcakes will often actually be square shaped mini cakes, while still reflecting the year s most popular colors and designs.
Steps To Becoming A Qualified Las Vegas Paralegal August 26, 2013 | Author: Bernice Terry | Posted in Legal

Paralegals work alongside lawyers in their day to day tasks. Many of them do the same work that lawyers do when the lawyer has a very heavy case load and needs extra help. If you are interested in this profession, then are certain things you need to know to become a las vegas paralegal.

Fulfilling the educational requirements is the first step. Many universities and community colleges in Nevada offer paralegal programs for their students. Their websites will often have a lot of information about the course outlines http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … wn-Jersey/ , entrance requirements and fees, so this is a good place to start searching.

You can achieve the educational requirements by completing a full degree program or a certificate program. Both routes are offered at a variety of universities and community colleges. However, the route you chose will likely be influenced by various factors, such as the length of time that you are prepared to commit to studying. Older students, or students with family and work commitments http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … ll-Jersey/ , may want to complete their studies as soon as possible. Money may also be a determining factor on which route you chose, as certificate programs will likely be less costly than degree programs.

Although every program varies, you will probably find that the course content is relatively the same, as all paralegals are required to have the same basic skills. In the program you will likely study substantive law topics, such as tort law and contract law. Tort law involves personal injury cases http://www.patriotsrookiestore.com/Patr … er-Jersey/ , and contract law involves the agreements between private companies and individuals.

Learning legal terminology is important as well, in order to understand the various legal documents and cases that you will be required to read. Paralegals must be skilled at preparing all sorts of documents like affidavits and depositions for their clients. When researching programs, ensure you chose one that offers you a good overview of the legal profession at the very beginning.

Students will also be taught about the court system. Learning the court system means that you know the proper procedures and protocols for handling court matters. This is particularly important when a case involves discovery. This is a process where the paralegals and lawyers are searching for evidence to support their case. This will often involve the preparation of many thick bundles of documents.

You may have to interview clients or witnesses sometimes for a particular case. Most paralegal programs will teach you how to do this properl.