Тема: How to Pick and Roll in NBA 2K18

Simply driving towards the basket to land layups and dunks won't get you everywhere in the greater difficulty levels of NBA 2K18, as you need a good offensive play to penetrate their shield. Similar to previous NBA 2K Coins matches, the pick and roll in NBA 2K18 is a powerful offensive play which may quickly split your opponent's defense, allowing you to easily drive towards the basket or make a simple shot opening to your teammate.

This causes among your teammates to set up a screen. Together with the screen (pick) in place, you have created an opening to move towards the basket, which will cause anxiety among the defenders because you can push towards the basket or execute an open jump shot, thus creating them gang up on your participant. Together with the defenders now in disarray, you have created an open shot for the teammate who set the display.

While holding the pick and roll button, then you can also task them to either roll or fade by pressing R2 or RB. Roll makes your teammate move towards the basket for a layup or dunk. Meanwhile, fade lets them position themselves so for an open jump shot. Regardless of what you do, you'll get a help in NBA 2K18 MT by performing the pick and roll up move.