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My only real complaint about the Mio Link so far is that the band can be a bit finicky. It seems like every other buckle hole leads to the little nubs at the end of the strap misaligning with their corresponding holes. Not a big problem,Nike Air Max Thea Femme but you have to fiddle with the band a bit to get everything lined up right. Nike Air Huarache Womens I’ve also noticed that the holes on the band get a Adidas NMD Womens bit uncomfortable against the skin when the band gets wet and the Mio is cinched tight. Loosening it up when not in active use takes care of this (again, it has to be pretty tightly cinched against the skin when in use).I was kind of skeptical about the accuracy of a wrist-mounted heart rate monitor like this, especially after reading some complaints about connectivity issues and signal Nike Air Max 270 Femme dropouts. After using it regularly for awhile I can say that I’ve been extremely impressed by the device, with the caveat that my forearms are meaty (thus create a good light seal) and my running form may be a good match for stable signal connectivity (compact, high arm carry).
Tracking has overall been very solid, and I love the fact that the Mio allows me to ditch the chest strap. The fact Nike Air Max 98 Dames that other companies are integrating Mio technology into Nike Roshe Run Femme their devices (e.g., adidas, TomTom) adds further support that it is being viewed as stable and accurate technology by 3rd parties.I purchased a Mio Link a few months ago after some positive reviews. It was nice and I certainly preferred it to the chest strap that came with my fenix 2 (for whatever reason, I get heat rash something awful with chest straps, even soft ones), but it wasn’t Nike Air Max 90 Womens perfect. My HR logs would occasionally show the odd blip; no worse than the chest strap, but still… I too found the strap a little finicky and not 100% comfortable, although again, still far more comfortable than a chest strap. I also found that, for whatever reason, it’s range wasn’t terribly good with some of my devices. For instance, in order for it to work well with my Garmin 610, I Nike Air Max 1 Damen actually needed to wear it on the same wrist as the watch. I didn’t have this issue with my fenix 2, for what it’s worth. And finally, it was yet another thing to wear on my wrist.
After hearing Ray at DCRainmaker rave about his Scosche RHYTHM+. I gave it a try and it had none of the minor issues I mentioned above. The strap on the Scosche is so comfortable and flexible that I wear it on my upper arm around my bicep and then forget it’s there. Nike Air Max Command Femme I’ve stepped into the shower after an activity on several occasions while accidentally still wearing it due to forgetting about its presence. It also seems to have a much longer range than the Mio in that I have done some strength workouts with my watch in my bag 10-20 feet from me and still had an uninterrupted recording of my HR activity for that session. I hate be down on the Mio because Nike Air Force 1 Dámské I think it’s a great device, but if you like it, I think you’d love the Scosche.