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There comes a time when you decide to have a veteran in the gaming industry, they need to leave this place other creative projects. In many cases, part of the peace-employee company, with all eyes on the last, to see what will be shown throughout the world. It happens a lot in the recent rocky Rod Ferguson left Epic Games,RS 3 Gold  sold class Mojang Minecraft left back, left Dean Bohemian Hall 'and interactive landscape, John Carmack leaving the program ID specialist VR full-time, released the epic games and irrational, and so on. In this case, and he has a great left in the game industry, 'Ubisoft' in the name, and the company promises to be a good product Raymond parting with the developer / publisher after 10 years of service. Raymond, who has worked as a producer first doctrine killer product exec first sequel to 'Ubisoft began to franchise the main game. He also participated in other Ubisoft franchises, such as dogs and Splinter Cell control.Buy Runescape Gold  In 2009 he helped Ubisoft Toronto studio and served as CEO and vision of the company during the first full name Althelathi- last Splinter Cell Blacklist year.Prior start your Ubisoft in 2004 and was the first industry ceremony Raymond Sony as a programmer, then he moved to EA, where he worked on 'The Sims Online is currently also helps wave television reporter. Comments Raymond as he was leaving the difficult decision developer / publisher, but the talent is confident Ubisoft Toronto and the current carefully for the future: I have 10 years of abnormal Ubisoft, and I'm proud to be a part of many of the best teams in the industry,Runescape Gold  so the game really fantastic, and there are one of the most difficult decisions of my career, but the Toronto studio strong and durable way. Stay tuned for more information about what the next step is to know about me, but now I want to thank Ubisoft cooperation over the years and wish them success in all future endeavors.