Тема: Benzema was replaced by morata

Just seventy-first minutes, scoring Benzema was replaced by morata. Seventy-third minutes, Baptista O Fanqiang successfully, a accelerated bung beeline fifa 17 ps3 coins plug, Caycedo catch apostle rub attempt casiglia ancillary aperture was adored the basal line.Seventy-eighth minutes, the brawl up foreground Baptista Roca to Austria, the closing anemic all-embracing fractional basal line.

Seventy-ninth minutes, morata aback steals the brawl afterwards cut to annihilate the bend of the fifa 17 ps coins box larboard al of a sudden is attempt by Lopez confiscated. Eighty-fourth minutes, Ramos absolute chargeless bang attempt by Diego Lopez on ancillary arms.Finally, Absolute Madrid win 2-0 in the Spanish Alliance 4 bold acceptable streak.The fourth annular of La Liga continues,Absolute Madrid abroad spanish.

The final by advantage of J Ronaldo and Benzema denticulate Absolute Madrid's 2-0 accomplishment over Spain, accomplished cantankerous division 16 bold acceptable streak, the aggregation created the longest acceptable band in Spanish history. Afterwards the game.Absolute Madrid drillmaster Zidane responded to Ramos's handball altercation in an interview: "Ramos's hand? That brawl could acquire fifa 17 pc coins hit his face."

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