Тема: Cristiano Ronaldo said he felt his countrymen

All I've accomplished because I was such a person, no one can make me change. If people let me progress, I will accept it. But it is very difficult to change a person." Speaking of his fame , Cristiano Ronaldo said he was "no doubt" has changed the image of the cheap fifa 17 coins Portuguese.

And describes herself as a "role model." "I am very pleased by my work a Portuguese buy fifa 17 coins example. Not just this year but every year. Ever since I started playing football, I have been working with the best image to represent my country, on a personal level I He has been the pursuit of perfection. "

Cristiano Ronaldo said he felt his countrymen to give love, and he loves his homeland: "Every day I sleep very reassuring I said to myself: 'I'm doing great, I make people happy, I can not live In others think of me in. '"Commenting on plans for the future when.

Cristiano Ronaldo believes he may not be considered to be a fifa 17 points football coach, but everything is unknown:" I want my brand to take to develop, Because I know that my career will be over the next five - End of 10 years after the end of my career, I will be waiting for another life. " BY futshop.net here now... come on!