Тема: adidas zx 700 black

AdiDRY: adidas yeezy ultra womens a waterproof PU protective layer. All of the sheath lining  joints have waterproof cover set off. This kind of sheath makes the  feet in any bad outdoor weather conditions, adidas zx 700 black keep dry and comfortable, so that shoes more breathable. AdiDRY technology is widely used, such  as Adidas basketball shoes series.
    AdiTUFF: adidas yeezy ultra red is a wear-resistant special synthetic materials, commonly  used in the upper toes. The addition of this material prevents the  upper from worn prematurely, thereby extending the life of the shoe. Its high wear resistance through the laboratory testing of materials  to prove and obtain a number of patents. Such as Adidas women's shoes  series.
         TRAXION-odd adidas zx 700 blue nail technology: According to ergonomic principles, tested out of the special outsole. It is more than the general outsole, with  anti-skid function, which is particularly suitable for Adidas superstar shoes series, this concept has become a recent trend of new  sports shoes.