Тема: teach you how to choose and buy compound floor?

Want to install compound floor board especially (compound floor of renown copy real wood and aggrandizement are compound floor, of compound aggrandizement floor say) friends, whether be still the quality of compound floor worries about the choose and buy for how, how the compound floor with high grade choose and buy? Hand of the handgrip of national luster floor teaches you how to distinguish his quality. Healthy household life is everybody is yearning. Meanwhile, we also should beware the harm that on the market a few inferior commodity bring to consumer life.
Is compound floor after all how of make it?
Is aggrandizement compound is the floor how of make it? Do not prevent let small make up analyse for you: The tree that good compound floor grows very quickly namely (like Yang Mu or deal) the course is broken into pieces, hit into curium wood chip, pass high temperature to press compound suppress and be become high next, the nuclear core that this is compound floor divides base material layer, next again by wear-resisting layer, decorate layer, balance layer (moistureproof layer) squelch together and become.
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