Тема: Barca the fourth time offer to Coutinho

72 million pounds, 90 million pounds, 118 million pounds, which is Barcelona three times before the Quintinho offer, have been rejected by Liverpool. cheap fifa coins Monday, Barcelona said there will be no fourth offer. However, the British media "The Sun" today's headlines are revealed that Barcelona is not counting. It is reported that Barcelona is brewing the fourth of the ultimate offer, will raise prices to 136 million pounds to pound Liverpool, and the authority of the media sky sports also confirmed the news.
This summer, Barcelona is almost a big joke in European football. They at first want to dig Paris's Vilati, but was Paris to Nemal to anti-digging away. Subsequently, Barcelona holding 220 million pounds of money to the world "Taobao", Kutiniao, Deng Beilei are their goal. As a result, one did not buy, but also annoyed Liverpool and Dott two clubs. In the library bird trading negotiations, Barcelona made three efforts (quotes), but Liverpool did not want to talk to them, each time the first time to reject the offer of Barcelona.
On Friday, Barcelona raised $ 118 million to Kutiniao. They also sent a slightly threatening message to Liverpool: "hurry up, this is our last offer."  cheap fifa 18 coins If you did not change the decision before August 21, we withdrew the offer. "Then ... Liverpool did not Dali's mail. As a result, the whole world is convinced that Barcelona will buy a bird opera soap opera will end.
However, Barcelona did not give up. "The Sun" said Barcelona will make a fourth offer to Liverpool, the offer will be up to 136 million pounds (100 million pounds of basic costs +3600 million floating terms). Previously, Barcelona's floating terms had caused grave dissatisfaction with Liverpool, as they set the floating terms almost hard to reach.
"Sun" said Barcelona said that 136 million pounds will be the last offer, and now see if Liverpool is willing to let go. Last season, Kutiniao and Liverpool renewed for five years, and the contract did not buy out the terms, which is Barcelona this summer to buy Kutiniao so an important reason for such difficulties. Liverpool's attitude this summer is very tough, slag cool times that Liverpool has been past, they do not have to rely on the sale of superstar to make money.
From Liverpool's previous attitude, they should once again hesitate to reject Barcelona's fourth offer. Earlier, Liverpool executives have issued a statement in the official website that Kutiniao is not for sale, they are supposed to not play their own face in the short term.  http://www.fifaultimateteamcoins.com In addition, Clop has repeatedly said at the press conference will not let the Kuantai leave. It is estimated that Barcelona's purchase of Kutiniao's deal will eventually be a basket of water.