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In just the handful of quotes that the MUT 18 Coins L.A. Times has released it's clear that Jackson's book will feature his unfiltered opinion on both Jordan and Bryant. While it may seem curious that Jackson is focused on the two players in "Eleven Rings," what person in the world has more authority when speaking about either?Jackson is engaged to Los Angeles Lakers managing governor Jeanie Buss, who took to Twitter to let her future husband know her take on Jordan and Bryant.

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The wise and powerful Paul Flannery took you through the talent situation for the Sacramento Kings on Thursday. The sale of the team by the Maloof family to Vivek Ranadivé and friends will be officially announced on Friday. It's unclear how much of a lag there will be between that announcement and NBA Board of Governors approval of the purchase.

Traditionally, personnel moves and the like have been put on hold in that interim. (The Warriors did execute a deal in 2010 for David Lee months before the man believed to be behind it, Joe Lacob, received BOG approval, though.)But the Kings' transformation extends way beyond the court.

Every piece of the franchise has been in Cheap NFL 18 Coins a holding pattern since 2008 (in some aspects, even longer). In 2008-09, the Kings won just 19 games ... and had ticket prices in the top five in the league. After some subsequent changes on the business side of the franchise, the Kings still have top-ten ticket prices for a team with the second-longest playoff drought in the league.