Тема: nike's secret weapon against sneaker bots augmented reality

nike air max 90 mens cheap has relied on high-performance, high-cost basketball shoes to drive its sales and profits, most notably the line endorsed by retired NBA legend Michael Jordan. However, since mid-2015, consumer tastes have pivoted away from these towards retro styles and sports-inspired shoes for more casual everyday wear. Meanwhile, the CEO of Foot Locker, which derives 68% of its sales from Nike products, has made a comment about an absence of innovative products in the footwear market that appears to have been directed against Nike. In response, Nike has taken measures to respond to changing consumer tastes more quickly, such as by partnering with FLEX Ltd. Global athletic footwear giant Adidas is also making big strides against Nike. Adidas has purchased the Reebok footwear brand. North America contributes 44% of Nike's revenue, but its sales in this region were flat in the most recent quarter, while those of Adidas jumped by 45%, Barron's says. The company also now derives about 45% of its sales from so-called secondary sneaker markets, websites where sneaker enthusiasts sell limited edition models. Prices of Adidas models are fetching huge premiums on these sites, indicating to Barron's that they are doing better at catching the latest trends.

Nike products sold on nike air max 90 womens cheap were previously listed by third-party sellers, which had led to chaos on the ecommerce site. Nike products listed on Amazon tended to be a mishmash of different price points and product classes, with the same sneakers costing different amounts for no reason other than the seller deciding to list them for that amount. This understandably caused confusion to the customer, even if they're just browsing. Nike wanted Amazon to crack down on these third-party sellers who list products bought elsewhere, possibly purchased with bots and resold at multiples higher than retail. "We've elevated the Amazon experience, " Heidi O'Neill, Nike's president of direct-to-consumer business, said during a panel at Recode's Code Commerce on Wednesday. "That is both through the lens of the reseller as well as how they experience the Nike brand. "O'Neill told the conference that their deal has been successful at reducing the number of resellers on Amazon after embarking on the pilot program earlier this year.

Heidi O’Neill is the president of nike air max 97 cheap 9 billion direct-to-consumer business, including Nike. com and Nike retail stores. O’Neill has been with Nike for 19 years, but as of June, she has taken on a new role — to unite all of Nike’s interactions with customers under one organization, and to build shopping experiences that make the most of the advantages that digital and physical retail each offer. We talked to her at our two-day Code Commerce conference about the successes and failures that led to this reorganization, and what the move means for Nike’s relationship with frenemies like Amazon. As resellers of coveted Nike shoes continue to use bots, automated systems that can make purchases faster than humans, the company has been trying to find ways to stop them. And while doing things like in-store or online raffles have evened the playing field for shoppers -- particularly those who want to wear the items they buy, not sell them for a profit -- the process still isn't perfect. But augmented reality, a technology that's all the rage right now, could change that in the near future.

When Nike launched the feature, it didn't advertise it as a tool to combat bots. But, whether it was intentional or not, AR seems to have helped the cause. According to Heidi O'Neill, president of Nike's direct to consumer business, who spoke at Recode's Code Commerce event on Thursday, the use of the tech in the SNKRS app "has come very close to eliminating bots, and taking the sneaker hunt [to] as close to a fair game that I think it is anywhere in the industry. "Although she didn't specify how exactly AR is able to do that, or share any statistics to back up her claims, it's not hard to decipher the potential of the technology. Especially because in most scenarios it would require some sort of physical interaction, like you having to head to a specific location to gain access to a release. "We don't want to disappoint, " she added. "While it's a game, we don't want our members and people who love the brand and love sneakers to feel nike air max 95 cheap sale like they've lost. ".