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Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state Karnataka. This metropolitan city is well known in the India’s information technology sector. Bangalore has a high literacy rate of 89% which is a reflection of educational culture in the city. Education is the primary concern for the city and it understands that base of anything and everything is education. Schools in Bangalore come under the management of the government or the private bodies. The boards from which all the schools are affiliated are CBSE Wholesale Fabio Coentrao Jersey , ICSE, NIOS, IB or the SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate).

The educational standard of the city are said to be very high compared to many other places in the country. The best schools that contribute to the high educational standard are Sindhi High School, Presidency School Bangalore South, TRIO World School, Delhi Public School, St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Vidya Niketan School, Bethany High School, and Prayag Montessori School etc.

Sindhi High School is one the leading schools with two branches in Bangalore. One branch of the school is located on Kumara Krupa Road and other in Kempapura Hebbal of Bangalore. The school is co educational and is affiliated to the CBSE board. The vision of the school is to provide quality education at affordable prices for all round development of a student. The school has always delivered best results with maximum of the students passing from the distinction marks.

The school is very much active in extracurricular activities too. Regular competitions are organized by the schools to bring out the best of the students. The major part is that the school encourages students to participate in the interschool competitions too. The students of the school have won many prizes in the inter school competitions. There are varieties of activities present in the curriculum of the school such as painting, music, sports, arts, dancing Wholesale Danilo Jersey , mono acting and many more. Students are free to choose activity of their choice.

The school has earned its name and fame with complete hard work and dedication towards education and the society they live in. They believe that education is a great responsibility that they have taken in their hand and it is a divine service to deliver it to the future guns.

Presidency school Bangalore South established Near Anugraha Layout, Off Bannerghatta Road is another eminent school in the city. It is a co-educational school that seeks to provide education of the highest academic standards. The School is promoted by Presidency Group of Institutions which was founded in the year 1976 and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). PSBS is a school of repute set amidst the rapidly booming IT capital of India. The school has undergone a remarkable transformation ever since its inception and has now become a bench mark in the field of education.

The school is well equipped with the facilities that facilitate each student and help them grow and become mentally sound. Spacious classrooms with fresh air, library that contains books, CDs and audios related to the subject, lab facilities, computer labs, indoors and outdoors games, educational trips and exertions are the key features of the school.

Students get exposure to different field in Bangalore. The firm belief of the schools of Bangalore is that high academic levels, coupled with the extra and co-curricular activities, create an impressive individual who can face the formidable challenges of the outside world with confidence.

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