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1. Over masturbation: When things go beyond the limit, you have to face the consequences. Same applies to hand practices, you should refrain yourself from being exposed to erotic symbolism. Men who are compulsive uses of prohibited movies and literature indulge in hand practices more than needed, which ultimately stops the sensation and stimulation in the genital areas.

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3. Stress, Anxiety and Smoking: You should be able to handle stress and don't you dare to be a chain smoker to beat the work life stress and anxiety. Smoking does nothing good to your body; in fact, it will lower the testosterone levels and will become the major cause to your soft erections.

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1. Be sensible Wholesale Josh Onomah Jersey , what are you drinking and eating. Stay hydrated.

2. Meditate and do regular exercise to improve blood circulation to the genitals.

3. Maintain healthy relationships by eliminating stress and bad living habits from your life.

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