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The adidas superstar pink classic adidas sneaker has exchanged his leather upper work for a premium woven upper. On the heel is a leather detail and the sneaker still has its rubber shell-toe and trimmed 3 stripes. Originally, the Superstar Bounce was released in white and Black.

For adidas superstar black summer, Adidas comes with a coral red , mint green , light purple  and dark blue variant  for ladies and gentlemen. The rubber sole has a fishbone profile and the sole is transparent, giving a unique effect.

Also adidas superstar 80s quite simple and minimalist, and a greater aesthetic feeling than the Stan Smiths. Some people are nostalgic considering the Adidas Superstars, but whatever they can feel - they are very stylish in these blogger outfits.

The adidas superstar white white version of the Superstar Bounce is also available for boys and girls. Do not wait too long, because these adidas sneakers will go over the counter like hot rolls.



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