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It is never a good idea to place a wager based strictly on a system or on a trend or because of an injury or just because of a weather concern A. J. Cann Jersey , the reason why of course is because you can bet your bottom dollar that the odds maker also knows of these factors as well and has already made the adjustments.

Why would the odds maker make adjustments you ask? Simply put my friend, the reason why is because the odds maker already knows what today's “Joe Public” bettor will do and that is to pounce on the system or trend play or in the case of bad weather jump on the “UNDER” and when hearing about an injury jump on the opposing team like there is no tomorrow.

Personally, when hearing of a team suffering an injury to virtually any player with the exception of the QB Dante Fowler Jr Jersey , I have found it very profitable to play the ole “wait and see” game, meaning that later in the week once Joe Public has influenced the line that value will probably be found on the side of the team with the injury!

Below you will find a couple of NFL system plays dated since 1990 that have been quite profitable because of the fact that they are very uncommon in frequency and secondly because they combine solid handicapping theory, meaning that there is rhyme and reason as to why they occur!

1) Play against teams playing their 3rd consecutive road game if they lost the 1st game and won the 2nd game. 15-4-1 ATS 79%

What makes this system so useful is the fact that it is based on straight up wins and losses in a teams previous two games which allows a handicapper to see a prevailing pattern Yannick Ngakoue Jersey , in this pattern the team in question falls into two different handicapping situations that cannot be overlooked as the team in question will not only be in “Road Weary” mode, but they will also be in a prime spot for a “Letdown”.

2) Play against a team playing their 3rd consecutive home game if they are a dog of more than 3 points and they lost their 2 previous games in straight up fashion. 10-4 ATS 72%

Like the above system, is a very uncommon but very effective situation indeed when considering that six different teams played three straight home games during the 2003 season but none ended up classifying for the system.

The last time this system came into play happened at the end of the 2001 season when the Panthers of Carolina played host to the Patriots after coming off consecutive home losses to St. Louis and Arizona.

Those of us that were fortunate enough to have wagered on New England in that contest were rewarded with a 38-6 Patriot win and cover!
HOUSTON Myles Jack Jersey , Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The Los Angeles Lakers came from behind in the final two minutes to beat the Houston Rockets 98-92 Wednesday night at Toyota Center, giving the host team their first losing streak of the season.

Though playing without Dwight Howard, Houston was in the upper hand in most of the game and once led by double digits. When the game was two minutes left Calais Campbell Jersey , they were leading by five points 91-86.

But the Rockets only scored a single point during the rest of the game while the Lakers took advantage of several lapses from the host and had a 12-1 run.

Kobe Bryant led all players with 29 points and seven assists. Jordan Hill scored 16 with 10 boards, while Nick Young chipped in another 12 points for the Lakers.

James Harden had 24 points and seven assists for the Rockets, Kostas Papanikolaou contributed 19 points and Patrick Beverley added 15.

With the victory Los Angeles improves to 3-9 while Houston is 9-3.

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