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NAIROBI Amara Darboh Limited Jersey , June 20 (Xinhua) -- Nyechuol Ruai Kuol has tragicmemories of fleeing turmoil in her native South Sudan at a tenderage only to reunite with distant relatives and former neighbors atKakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya.

The 24-year-old major in gender studies at a public universityin Kenya has overcome huge obstacles to reclaim her once shatteredhopes and dreams.

During an interview with Xinhua on Tuesday at an event to markWorld Refugee Day, Kuol said tenacity, resilience and sunnyoptimism has kept her going despite living as a refugee in aforeign land.

"My life as a refugee in Kenya for the last two decades has beentumultuous but I have learnt to persevere since there is alwayslight at the end of a dark tunnel for those who refuse to succumbto life's drudgeries Nazair Jones Limited Jersey ," said Kuol.

At the Kakuma refugee camp that hosts thousands of forcedmigrants from South Sudan, Kuol found benefactors who facilitatedher formal education while nudging her to aim for the stars inspite of her predicament.

The eloquent and bubbly young female refugee has vowed toutilize skills acquired in the university to mentor her peersliving as refugees in Kenya and neighboring countries.

"As an educated young refugee, am in a better position toadvocate peace and harmonious co-existence among differentcommunities in my native country. Likewise Delano Hill Limited Jersey , I have a passion foreducating the youth to become responsible citizens," Kuolremarked.

Civil strife in South Sudan that keeps on recurring isresponsible for shattering the hopes and aspirations of thecountry's youth who were forced to settle in foreign lands andreclaim their destiny.

Kuol and her youthful peers who found a safe haven in Kenya aredetermined to make an indelible mark in their adopted country.

She disclosed to Xinhua that young refugees have defieddoomsayers to succeed in the world of academia, sports and businessin their adopted homelands.

"Some of us have accomplished so much to the consternation ofprophets of doom who predicted a life of misery and gloom in ouradopted homes. Let me state that refugees are endowed with abundanttalents that can be harnessed to advance prosperity in their nativeand adopted countries Shaquill Griffin Limited Jersey ," said Kuol.

She is not alone in painting a rosy future for young refugeesliving in Kenya despite their tragic circumstances.

Abdul Rashid Abdulahi, a 22-year-old Somalia refugee who settledin Kenya at a tender age has pursued formal education with gusto,confident that it will in future open a flood gate ofopportunities.

Like millions of Somalia youth Ethan Pocic Limited Jersey , Abdulahi was exposed to theravages of conflicts and natural disasters during the formativeyears of growing up yet he still harbors a desire to turn thetables and become an accomplished diplomat.

The suave and friendly youth is currently pursuing aninternational relations course that would pave way for him to landin the world of diplomacy.

"It has been a treacherous journey living as a young refugeehere in Kenya but have gradually reconciled with that reality andwill not relent in my pursuit of a brighter tomorrow," Abdulahiremarked.

Hundreds of young refugees from strife torn east and horn ofAfrican states attended the national event to mark World RefugeeDay in Nairobi.

The youngsters who either grew up in refugee camps located innorthern Kenya or sprawling urban settlements share similar worldviews despite their ethnic and gender divide.

Miskia Ahmed, a 21-year-old female Somalia refugee who has livedin Kenya since her childhood has a burning desire to change anarrative punctuated by despair and hopelessness.

The psychology major aims to become a family therapist and helptraumatized young refugees reclaim their lost dreams.

"During my stay in Kenya Malik McDowell Limited Jersey , I have come across young and elderlyrefugees who are yet to overcome the painful memories of war anddislocation. These refugees require a skilled therapist to helpthem start afresh," said Miskia.

Kenya has provided a safe haven for young refugees displaced bywars in neighboring countries to break off with a tragic past andopen a new chapter in their lives.

Thanks to a long chain of benefactors, these young refugees havebeen able to study and acquire life-long skills in their new abode.Enditem

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